How to buy Wow Gold Without Your account Banned.

How To buy Wow Gold Without Account Banned From online Website? In addition to farm[imlink]online, there is another way to get it, that is, buy wow gold from the online wow gold stores.
There have been thousands of websites offering wow gold if you search online, however, not all of them are safe place to buy wow gold. There have been an equal number of sites that made a lot of promises, but do not deliver fast or even getting your accounts banned. Buying Wow gold online is a risky business, especially if you have a well established Wow account with excellent kits. There are many scams or rip-off websites that just want to take your money. It is difficult to decide which site you should choose to buy wow gold.
The first thing you need to consider before buying wow gold online is what kind of customer service they offer. Every wow gold supplier website have live service button marked in their home page, but not everyone have the really 24H/365D live service. Before making a purchase, try to use their customer service and ask the basic order process. A big wowgold(wow gold-team. com) supplier company will provice you the professional advice even contact you face to face via telephone. This will give you some confidence before making a purchase decision.
Another thing you need to do to protect your account was use the third party payment tool. Such as paypal and money book. Using PayPal is normally a safe option and good way of telling if a Wow gold website is a good place to buy discount. This is because PayPal is very strict about customer complaints and whose customer protectionism is very good about refunding money if customer can't received theri gold.
Third, don't buy wow gold in huge quantities as this will get you on the radar with Blizzard GMs which may investigate and ban your account for the reason of wow gold buying banned. And since there are only a few items in the world of Warcraft Economy that are worth more than 3, 000 gold, if you need lots of gold then just buy wow gold a bit more frequently but practice caution. Buying wow gold everyday is risky, every week or every other week is much safer.
Finally, Choose a big and professional website, such as PBT online ( wow gold-team ), who is found from 2006 year and always provide pure-hand farm wow gold to wow players, never get any feedback from customer that whose account been banned. From this website you can buy the cheapest fastest and cheapest[imlink].


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