Pew pew more: A sneak peek at Vindictus' newest archer

The website has a hands-on preview using the newest character coming to Mabinogi Heroes -- generally known as Vindictus Gold to NA and EU players. His brand is Kai, and he's a flashy archer with more than a few surprises up his pretty sleeves.

As an archer, Kai's tactics largely revolve around kiting and long-ranged assaults, so sustaining one's range is very important in most fights. Kai can transform his bow right into a long or short variant, using the long accomplishing more potent (but slower) attacks and the short one pew-pewing a great offer more quickly at closer range. He also can unleash an assault that hits numerous targets at once, producing him ideal for some burst AoE damage.

One of Kai's more distinctive skills could possibly be the ability to place a marker about the battlefield after which quickly grapple his way back again to it on a moment's notice. While he's traveling back again to his marker, he's immune to all damage, producing this a strategic move for pitched fights.

Kai is coming to Mabinogi Heroes in Korea tomorrow, although it will possible be some time before he lands in the States or Europe.


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Vindictus Europe video shows off new boss, new hero

The latest Vindictus Gold Europe video has a scary new manager monster on display. Nexon is introducing Thor (no, not that Thor), a giant crocodile-like creature with three mouths and also a nasty disposition.

Nexon describes Thor as an "outlaw belonging towards the dark and damp underworld," additionally to the trailer shows a cross-section of Vindictus heroes slicing and dicing the brand new monster using the title's unique actions combat mechanics.

While we're on the theme of heroes, the video also teases the latest Vindictus Europe playable character, a giant brawler named Karok. Check out all of the gory particulars after the cut.

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Vindictus provides out a dragon with accompanying ink

In any fantasy game, downing a dragon is whatever you want. Sure, there may be other monsters which could be technically stronger, but absolutely nothing else has really the feel of straight-up slaying a dragon. Nexon realizes this, which could be why the strongest foe in Vindictus Gold' latest video game update, is the massive dragon Elchulus. Players will should have really the celebration to bring straight down this massive foe, as a full raid of 24 characters at degree 40 are necessary to slay the beast.

The update also adds a lower-level raid for levels twenty and 30 additionally to some brand-new tattoos to help signify your combat versus the scaly menace. You can buy new tattoos, or you can offer with off versus the brand new bosses and possess a possibility at successful one for free. Not really convinced? Then have a take a look on the dragon in actions just previous the break, and see in the event you don't possess a sudden urge to placed a flying lizard in its place.


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Come snag a Vindictus beta key and cover your do it yourself using the blood of your enemies!

How do you get into the Vindictus beta? correctly according towards goddess Morrigan, thou must punish thy enemies into tiny tiny bloody pieces concerning the size of dimes. after you do that adequate times and entirely decimate your foes then, and only then, will you be granted entry to this exclusive beta.

We here at Massively, however, have an easier way: a beta key!

Thanks towards individuals at Nexon, we've scored 2,000 beta keys to the upcoming open beta test of Vindictus Gold, which starts on September 15th! If that wasn't cool enough, then I have much more information for you: you won't have to grab keys for the friends! everybody who grabs a key to the Vindictus beta will be rewarded with two much more beta keys that one could give to your friends! after your friends redeem their keys, then they'll get two much more keys to giveaway, and so forth!

So, interested in grabbing your do it yourself a key? Continue reading this post for all inside the blood-soaked information!

It's a viral key giveaway!

All you have to achieve to get your do it yourself a Vindictus beta key is take a look at our key giveaway website and click the button there! That's it! The website will give you a code, which you'll be in a placement to redeem at Nexon's Vindictus beta website. after you redeem your key and key in your e-mail address, Nexon will send you two much more beta keys for you to give to your friends. as a complete result of that, please only consider one key from our beta site, so we are able to spread the love!

Please also note how the beta does not start till September 15th, so you have plenty of time to obtain the client and get ready to the gates of beta to give way!

Do you require a large green button to attack before you decide to grab your key? Just wait around a second; I possess the perfect thing for you! Click away!

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The Blood Lord has appear to Vindictus, and he brings... football

Perhaps you've been enjoying Vindictus Gold but pondering the whole time that something is missing through the game. Something that would really make every one of the fantasy action

click with each other for you. Something like, say, footballs. If so, well, we don't know what to inform you except that the desire has appear true. Coinciding with the arrival

of the Blood Lord is the addition of footballs throughout missions, as well as special football-themed costumes for gamers to unlock by using the pigskins being a weapon

of war.

Essentially, defeating bosses with imaginative utilization of the football will net gamers deals that could be redeemed for football jerseys, which combine with football helmets

(available throughout the money store) to unlock special bonuses for players. It's certainly apropos of the current playoff season, albeit in a really setting in which it doesn't make a

whole large amount of sense. Still, if you're looking to meld ferocious fantasy violence with the thrill of kicking the successful field goal, the movement picture past the minimize makes it

clear that Vindictus has you covered. (Oh, and there's a vampire lord.)


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